Posted by: kurtsh | November 19, 2020

HOWTO: Allow other users to download your Microsoft Stream recordings

I’m often asked, “How can I provide someone with download access to a Microsoft Stream video?” 

(This comes up a lot with meeting recordings from Microsoft Teams, for instance.)

The only way to do that is to add someone as an owner of your Microsoft Stream video so another individual can get downloads of the recording from the Microsoft Stream service.


  1. imageGo to the Stream that you created.  This is usually a[bigguidgoeshere]
  2. Click the ellipsis. This will reveal a menu.
  3. Click “Update video details”. This will show the people with current access to the video.
  4. Check the checkbox next to the name of the person you’re providing OWNER rights to (this indicates the person is an “owner”)
  5. Press the APPLY button.

Once this is done, the user will be able to pull down the .MP4 recording. (One hour recordings are usually around 300MB)


Note: For Microsoft Teams meetings, moving forward meeting recordings will be saved to either OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online instead of Microsoft Stream, so this procedure should not be needed.


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