Posted by: kurtsh | October 12, 2020

INFO: “Return to the Workplace” – Resilience & Preparedness from Microsoft


As you move toward bringing employees back, give your teams the tools to help them stay safe and productive on the job with solutions from Microsoft.

Reopen and manage physical locations

Open and operate your locations responsibly to provide employees with a safer environment, while ensuring your organization can quickly respond to—and communicate—changing circumstances.

Return while supporting employee safety and wellbeing

Protect your employees with new safety protocols and intelligently monitor the health of your entire organization to help make data-driven decisions about who should work where.

Engage your teams—remotely and onsite

Support the flow of work wherever it happens—remotely, onsite, or a combination of both. Help everyone stay connected, productive, and secure.

Read more at Microsoft’s Resilience site about returning to the workplace:


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