Posted by: kurtsh | October 11, 2020

INFO: Top 5 Security Questions Asked by our US Government Customers for Microsoft Teams

imageMicrosoft Teams Principal PM Rima Reyes and Senior Technical PM Nolene LaNeve share the top 5 Security questions for Microsoft Teams in US Government.

Here’s some of the questions Rima answers:

  • How can I securely collaborate and share files with other trusted organizations inside of a Team?
  • What is the best way to chat with another trusted organization in Teams without having to share files?
  • How is content encrypted in Teams?
  • Why is VPN split tunneling important for just Teams media traffic? How can US Gov organizations champion for this change?
  • How can customers be assured they know who is in their meetings and not have any ‘uninvited guests’?
  • What is the fastest way I can deploy Teams in my organization without missing anything important, all while focusing on security?

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