Posted by: kurtsh | October 1, 2020

RELEASE: Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center v13 – ”Smart Switch”

imageImagine being able to seamlessly control 9  computers running Windows 10 at the same time from a single mouse & keyboard – without extra hardware or without 3rd party software.

Introducing the new release of the “Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center”, the control software for Microsoft Mice & Keyboards. (v13.221.137)

Some of you may know solutions like Mouse without Borders, Synergy, SpaceDesk and other tools that allow you to control multiple computers from a single mouse & keyboard.  Personally, I’ve used Multiplicity for more than a decade.

Now, much of that functionality is available for free in the new release of “Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center”.

imageMKC allows users of Microsoft Mice to seamlessly move the mouse pointer from one computer to another simply by moving the pointer past the edge of one PC & continuing on the next.  The software knows which computer you want to control by allowing you to layout how your computers are organized in a 3×3 grid.

If you own multiple computers on your desk & you have a Microsoft mouse, give this new software release a try.


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