Posted by: kurtsh | September 22, 2020

BETA: Cross-tenant Exchange Online mailbox migration in now in Public Preview

imageToday, we are thrilled to announce the Public Preview of a built-in cross-tenant mailbox migration service that enables you to move mailboxes between tenants with minimal on-premises infrastructure dependencies (the new service eliminates some but not all on-premises components). The new cross-tenant mailbox migration service eliminates the need to offboard and onboard mailboxes, resulting in a faster and lower-cost migration. This is particularly beneficial for organizations undergoing mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, or splits.

The new move process includes enhanced security, as well as the ability to scope moves. It uses an Enterprise Application in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Azure Key Vault, allowing tenant admins to manage both authorization and the scoping of mailbox migrations from one tenant to another. Cross-tenant mailbox migrations use an invitation and consent model to establish the Azure AD Enterprise Application used for authentication between tenants.


Read more at the announcement here::


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