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EVENT: Microsoft Expert Connections… after Microsoft Ignite 2020

imageDo you want to help shape the future of Microsoft products?

Now is your chance. Learn more about “Expert Connections” after Microsoft Ignite.

Take the lead and join Microsoft engineering teams and your peers in meaningful conversations about the tools you use everyday. Share insights, discover new perspectives and problem-solve in a collaborative environment to shape the future of Microsoft products.

Choose from over 200 topics ranging from 30 to 60 minutes in length. Activities will occur after the Microsoft Ignite conference.

  • Browse Topics
    Microsoft 365, Azure, Power Platform, Security and Dynamics: Discover the topics we’re covering. You’ll have access to topics that match your experience and interest when you sign up.
  • Stay Connected
    Enroll in one of our Microsoft customer panels to learn about future opportunities to engage with Microsoft product team experts, see new product concepts, and give your input.
  • Community Events
    Events for the community, by the community. Explore opportunities to learn and connect related to training, certification, and Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA) events.

If you are selected, you will be notified via email of what group(s) you’ll be joining to provide feedback on.

imageThe survey you are required to take is rather long depending on how many topics you’re interested in so be prepared to click through preferences & technology interest for 15 min or so.

You will start out with 5 Microsoft solutions areas that you can express interest in during the sign up – each have dozens of subgroups & subgroups within those subgroups:

  • Azure (Compute, Cognitive Services, Data, etc.)
  • Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft 365
  • Power Platform
  • Security, Compliance, & Identity

…and there are many areas of interest beneath these that will help determine what groups you can provide feedback to.

Sign-up today:



imageIf you’re interested in understanding some of the roles we’re specifically looking for feedback from an on-going basis, check out the Expert Connections Panels page.

For example:  If you’re any of the following, you can sign up directly:

  • Microsoft 365 IT Administrator
  • Device Management Administrator
  • Security Professional
  • Compliance Professional
  • Cloud Designer
  • AI for the Power Platform
  • Developer
  • etc.
  • Expert Connections Panels – Enrollment:


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