Posted by: kurtsh | September 7, 2020

RELEASE: Microsoft Tasks (replacing “Planner”)

We’ve released Microsoft Tasks to the general public and it’s an evolution of Microsoft Planner, and replacing Planner in your Office 365 tenant.

imageTasks are the building blocks of our work. They help us keep track of what to do now and what needs to be done next. But tasks are hard to manage, especially when you have to flip between different places to see them all.

That’s why we’re thrilled to begin rolling out Tasks in Microsoft Teams, a coherent task management experience in your hub for teamwork. The new Tasks experience brings together Microsoft Planner and Microsoft To Do into Teams, giving you one place to manage your team plans and individual tasks.

We’re starting to roll out Tasks in Teams on desktop today to a small group of users, and that rollout will continue through September. The Tasks in Teams mobile experience will not be available until the desktop rollout is complete.

Here’s the key item:

To get the Tasks in Teams app when it’s available, click the ellipses in the Teams left siderail and select Planner. No, that’s not a typo: as we roll out the new Planner experience in Teams desktop, the app name will initially remain Planner. It will then briefly change to Tasks by Planner and To Do. Finally, it’ll be simplified to Tasks. On Teams mobile clients, users will always see the app name as Tasks.

Microsoft Planner has evolved to do more than just plan & orchestrate action items.  It’s about managing tasks, assigning them to individuals, setting due dates, collecting activities moving the tasks forward, etc. – and more importantly doing so consistently across all Microsoft 365 services, including:

  • Teams
  • Outlook
  • Todo
  • Office Apps

For more details, see the following:


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