Posted by: kurtsh | September 3, 2020

REPORT: “The Projected Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Search In Bing” – Forrester Report

imageRecently, Microsoft commissioned Forrester Research to help quantify the benefits companies saw when they actively used and promoted Microsoft Search in Bing.

To do so, Forrester spoke with IT Pros at seven different organizations about how they functioned before and after implementing Microsoft Search in Bing.

Based on those findings, Forrester calculated the benefits to organizations over a three-year period, finding companies could:

  • Save between $13-$40M in lost productivity
  • Reduce certain support tickets 30-60%
  • Save up to an additional $1.1M in combined time and money by retiring existing search solutions
  • Full Forrester Total Economic Impact report

Surprised? It’s real. Employees are struggling to manage all the content and information required of them without the right tools. Too often this leads to unnecessary time spent searching, too many clicks to find what they need, or a frustrated employee who gives up and reaches out to the help desk for support. Forrester found that companies actively using Microsoft search in Bing could save each employee 55-82 hours per year otherwise spent searching!

Download the report here:


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