Posted by: kurtsh | September 3, 2020

DOWNLOAD: Free eBook: Developer’s Guide to Azure: 2020 Edition (3rd party)

imageThe new “Developer’s Guide to Azure” eBook published from Microsoft, written by Build5Nines’ own Chris Pietschmann, is your guide to getting started with Microsoft Azure development.

This book is a great jumpstart to your journey as an Azure Developer or Azure Architect working to create websites, databases, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, and so much more!

The books chapters include topics such as:

  1. Getting started with Azure
  2. Connecting your application with data
  3. Securing your application
  4. Adding intelligence to your application
  5. Connecting your business with IoT and gaining insights
  6. Deploying your services and reducing costs
  7. Share your code, track work, and ship software
  8. Microsoft Azure in action
  9. Summary and resources

Whether you’re just starting out with Microsoft Azure, working on a cool side project, or are a professional developer, developing with Microsoft Azure services and tools enables you to adopt the latest cloud technologies. This is true regardless of your preferred programming language (C#, Java, Javascript, Python, PowerShell, and more!) and development stack, and even including open source technologies!


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