Posted by: kurtsh | June 25, 2020

NEWS: Microsoft acquires ADRM Software, leader in large-scale, industry-specific data models

imageToday, we are excited to announce the acquisition of ADRM Software, a leading provider of large-scale industry data models, which are used by large companies worldwide as information blueprints. ADRM’s robust industry data models have been built and refined over decades for business-critical analytics.

An industry data model enables organizations to more holistically capture and define business concepts, refine and integrate processes, and build interoperability in their ecosystem. According to Gartner, “Data models are foundational for business. They undergird wide-ranging initiatives and permanent programs, such as data quality, data lineage and data governance.”¹ But companies today are implementing data modeling on a fragmented basis, resulting in a disparate data estate that is incapable of supporting the kinds of digital transformation required today.

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