Posted by: kurtsh | June 4, 2020

RELEASE: Microsoft Forms Pro now available in Government Community Cloud (GCC)

Microsoft Forms Pro was recently made available in the Government Community Cloud (GCC).

Forms Pro availability on US Government Community Cloud

The dependency services used by Forms Pro are available on US Government Community Cloud (GCC). Note the following differences in functionality for Forms Pro on GCC:

  • The format of survey responses on the Responses tab is slightly different when compared to non-GCC regions. The report can only display up to 50,000 responses. You can create a Power BI report and connect directly to Common Data Service to see all the responses.

  • By default, the anonymous sharing of surveys is disabled. A tenant administrator must enable anonymous sharing by selecting the Send a link to the form and collect responses check box under External sharing in the Microsoft 365 admin center. More information: Administrator settings for Microsoft Forms

  • Microsoft Forms Pro on GCC uses your Microsoft Exchange mailbox to send the survey. For information about Exchange mailbox limits, see Exchange Online limits.

Note: As a GCC customer, you must either have a Dynamics 365 enterprise license or a Microsoft 365 license.

For more information, view the documentation here:


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