Posted by: kurtsh | June 2, 2020

TRAINING: Azure Security Expert Series – “Azure Sentinel”

imageSee and stop threats before they cause harm, with SIEM reinvented for a modern world.

Azure Sentinel is your birds-eye view across the enterprise. Put the cloud and large-scale intelligence from decades of Microsoft security experience to work. Make your threat detection and response smarter and faster with artificial intelligence (AI). Eliminate security infrastructure setup and maintenance, and elastically scale to meet your security needs—while reducing IT costs.

  1. image“Get started with a cloud-native SIEM” – Azure Sentinel Part 1
  2. “Built-in AI to detect threats faster” – Azure Sentinel Part 2
  3. Investigate and automate threat responses” – Azure Sentinel Part 3

Here are 2 FREE eBooks/reports that provide more background information on Azure Sentinel:

imageCloud-native SIEM: Quick-start Guide to Azure Sentinel

Start using smarter, faster threat detection and response that connects data from all your sources with the cloud and Azure Sentinel.

SIEM analyst report

Track the latest market trends, including cloud adoption and AI within enterprise and midsize organizations, with this analysis from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

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