Posted by: kurtsh | June 2, 2020

INFO: Useful keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

imageHere are 6 of my favorite keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 & Office 365 ProPlus.

  • Win+. :  Select emoji/display emoji picker dialog box (Winkey + Period)
  • Win+V : Paste from Clipboard Stack.  Paste up to 20 of the last things copied with Ctrl+C or Ctrl+X.
  • Ctrl+K : Insert hyperlink to currently selected text.  Bring up the hyperlink dialog box and add a hyperlink to any text currently highlighted.
  • Ctrl+. : Bulletize current line.  Add a bullet to the beginning of the current line and indent in Outlook, Word, OneNote. (Ctrl + Period)
  • Ctrl+Alt+H: Highlight currently selected text.
  • Win+Ctrl+Shift+B : Reset/restart the graphics driver on Win10 when you have a black screen, screen frozen, keyboard and mouse inputs don’t respond at all.


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