Posted by: kurtsh | May 4, 2020

RELEASE: MyAnalyics “Outlook Insights” for People Managers

Starting this week, people managers with a MyAnalytics license will be able to use the Insights Outlook add-in to stay connected with team members, with reminders to reschedule 1:1s if conflicts arise, follow up on an important requests, and more. This feature will roll out over the next several weeks.



  • Do managers see any insights on team members’ behaviors that wouldn’t otherwise be available?
    No. Assistance for managers in MyAnalytics relies on information from the manager’s own mailbox; managers do not receive any incremental information from team members’ mailboxes. For example: a manager can use this feature to review important unread emails in their inbox from team members, but they cannot see whether a specific team member has read an email that they sent.
  • How are managers and team members identified?
    MyAnalytics determines who is a manager and who is on their team using Azure Active Directory. A user must have team members listed in Azure AD in order to access this feature in the Insights add-in. Note that managers have the ability to add or remove team members in MyAnalytics in case any information is out of date (these changes are stored locally for use in MyAnalytics and not synced back to Azure AD).

More information is available on this page:…


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