Posted by: kurtsh | May 2, 2020

HOWTO: Change your Microsoft Teams Inbound call ringtone

imageAttention Microsoft Teams users:  Work from home like a pro & change your inbound ring tone.

  1. Open Teams – click your profile photo.
  2. Open Settings – click Calls.
  3. Under “Ringtones” click “Calls for you” dropdown list.
  4. Select a DIFFERENT RINGTONE other than “Default”.  Default is for noobs.  You have your choice of :
        1. Default
        2. Bounce
        3. Bop
        4. Bubbles
        5. Drop Drop
        6. Eureka
        7. Flutter
        8. High Score
        9. Next Level
        10. Plink
        11. Ring Ring
        12. Ripple
        13. Spacetime
        14. Wish Granted
        15. Wobble



p.s. If you’re tired of the existing ringtones in Microsoft Teams and want to use your own .MP3 as a ringtone, vote up this link on the Teams Uservoice feedback site.  In the meantime, here’s the ringtone I use on my actual cell phone for forwarded Microsoft Teams calls that come over PSTN calling:

(No, you cannot set custom ringtones for inbound calls on Teams – yet.  I believe we’re workin’ on it.)


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