Posted by: kurtsh | April 12, 2020

TRAINING: How to secure your cloud data in Azure

(Yes, this is free)

Azure was designed for security and compliance. Learn how to leverage the built-in services to store your app data securely to ensure that only authorized services and clients have access to it.


These are the modules you will go over

  1. Security, responsibility and Trust in Azure
        1. Introduction
        2. Cloud security is a shared responsibility
        3. Tips from Azure Security Center
        4. Identity & Access
        5. Encryption
        6. Overview of Azure certificates
        7. Protect your network
        8. Protect your shared documents
        9. Azure Advanced Threat Protection
        10. Understand Security Considerations for Application Lifecycle Management solutions
  2. Top 5 security itesm to consider before pushing to production
  3. Configure security policies to manage data
  4. Security Azure Storage account
  5. Configure & manage secretes in Azure Key Vault
  6. Secure your Azure resources with Role-based Access Control
  7. Secure your Azure SQL Database

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