Posted by: kurtsh | April 12, 2020

HOWTO: Autocorrect for TWO spaces vs ONE space after a period in Microsoft Word

imageDepending on how you have Microsoft Word configured, the grammar checker may highlight a “double space” after a “.” as incorrect grammar/style. 

If you want to select how many spaces after a period you want Word to check for while you type documents, follow these instructions:

(Note: These instructions were done using the subscription version of Word from Office 365 ProPlus, in Version 2003, Build 12624.20382.  This exceeds “Word 2019”.)

  • Open Word
  • Click File – Options.  The Word Options menu should open.
  • Click Proofing.  The context menu should display, “Change how Word corrects and formats your text”
  • Scroll to “When correcting spelling and grammar in Word”.
  • imageClick “Settings…” button next to “Choose the checks Editor will perform for Grammar and Refinements Writing Style”.  The Grammar Settings dialog box will appear.
  • Scroll until you see “Punctuation Conventions”
  • Select the drop down list box next to “Space Between Sentences” – select either “one space” or “two space” or “don’t check”
  • Click OK – this will close the Grammar Settings dialog box.
  • Click OK – this will close the Word Options box.

Moving forward, the Word Grammar checker should only highlight spaces after periods that deviate from your selection.


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