Posted by: kurtsh | April 6, 2020

INFO: Frequent questions about using Conditional Access to secure remote access

imageThis is six Conditional Access best practices, aligned with the principles of Zero Trust, documented for easy consumption, from Azure AD engineering.

Here’s some of the questions answered:

  • What’s the best way for users working from home to set up MFA?
  • I’m seeing more devices connect from personal and work devices outside my trusted networks. What can I do to keep control of company data?
  • Given the current situation, we need to deploy Conditional Access policies quickly. What advice do you have?
  • How do I use Conditional Access to enable access to some apps, like Office 365, and block everything else?
  • What steps should I take for users connecting to my corporate network through a VPN?
  • How can I enable access to on-premises apps and resources without using a VPN?

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