Posted by: kurtsh | March 31, 2020

TRAINING: Free LinkedIn Learning courses for “Remote Work”

imageWith the Coronavirus becoming more prevalent, more and more employers are allowing or encouraging their employees to work from home. Some of our customers have reached out requesting recommendations on topics related to successfully managing change and working remotely.

With that in mind, LinkedIn Learning has compiled a list of complimentary curated courses to help both managers and their employees remain engaged and productive in their daily activities while working remotely.

These courses feature top tips from remote work experts that include ways to:

I. Maximize Efficiency and Productivity of Remote Work 

II. Manage the Impact of Adjusting to Your New Work Environment

III. Remotely Manage and Lead Teams 

IV. Get to Know Your Remote Work Productivity Tools 

imageWhether you’re new to remote work and looking for tips on how to be productive in your new home office, or you’re leading a team and looking for ways to keep your employees connected, we hope these resources can help you on your path to becoming more effective regardless of where you are.


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