Posted by: kurtsh | March 10, 2020

WHITEPAPER: “Reinventing the employee experience at Microsoft”

imageMicrosoft employees are the company’s greatest asset. Our investments in a reimagined employee experience are enabling Microsoft employees to innovate, create, and collaborate seamlessly among the teams in which they work.

We’re moving our entire organization toward a digitally assisted workday in an interconnected and integrated digital workplace, to provide the most productive employee experience possible as we continue our digital transformation.

Focusing on the Employee Experience
Productive Enterprise focuses on reimagining the employee experience at Microsoft. We’re rethinking how we work across physical and digital experiences. By better fulfilling our employees’ needs, we are building a more solid foundation for our entire business.

To deliver our vision for a reimagined employee experience, we’re investing in multiple aspects of our technology and culture. The following figure illustrates the six primary investments we’re making.


The six investments of the Productive Enterprise initiative

If you’re interested in learning more about Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO) strategy in driving the Productive Enterprise initiative, read the following whitepaper that was just published.

Note: We’re encouraging our employees to be the agents for our digital transformation, to expedite our transformation. You can learn more about our digital transformation initiatives by reading “Inside the transformation of IT and operations at Microsoft."


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