Posted by: kurtsh | March 6, 2020

RELEASE: SAP ERP connector & 300 other connectors for Power Automate

imageSAP is one of the largest providers of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in the market today, handling an enterprise’s business applications like accounting, sales, payroll, finance, production, human resources, etc. We are happy to announce the public preview of a new SAP ERP connector for Power Apps and Power Automate. The SAP ERP connector allows you to connect your flows and apps to an SAP ERP system – either SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA.

It has the following functionality:

  • Allows you to create a connection to an SAP ECC or S/4HANA Server using either SAP authentication or Windows authentication
  • Allows you to invoke any BAPI and custom RFCs
  • Provides dynamic schemas for the input and output parameters for an RFC or BAPI

The SAP ERP connector can be used from a flow. You can also use it from a Power Apps canvas app, where you can invoke your flows. This abstraction helps in maintaining separation of concern between the complexities for connecting to SAP data, and the app development by Makers in Power Apps.

Check out this post by Sameer on the Power Apps blog to walk through how to get started with this new connector.

Now more than 300 connectors!

Besides SAP ERP, in the past two months we have added 18 new connectors – bringing the total to 315 connectors. We have achieved this milestone thanks to the great set of partners that have been contributing connectors for their services — and look forward to the next 300 connectors!

For a list of additional connectors, visit:


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