Posted by: kurtsh | February 24, 2020

TRAINING: Windows Virtual Desktop Essentials

imageThis is a Windows Virtual Desktop full set up tutorial – every prerequisite step, PowerShell cmdlet, permissioning, and FSLogix reg key.

This is the first video in our series on Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Solution on Microsoft Azure.

imageIf your organization is looking for a more efficient, productive, and secure approach to desktop virtualization, this series will walk you through the full solution. WVD offers a fully managed desktop virtualization solution in the cloud and it works with all your apps and devices as you can expect. Including full-featured native client support for Windows Mac iOS and Android as well as new HTML5 support so you can access remote desktops and apps for almost any modern browser.

Watch the full video to find out why and how to implement desktop virtualization at your organization. Keep watching this playlist ( or continue on to the next demo in the series at Download PowerShell and JSON files highlighted in this series at

Watch the WVDseries here:


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