Posted by: kurtsh | February 1, 2020

RELEASE: New & Improved Power Automate Community Cookbook

Download recipes for PowerAutomate to do some cool things like:

  • Auto-lock your workstation
  • Auto-create a ICS Calendar invite
  • Trigger based on location/GeoFence
  • Create a Planner task from a Flagged Email
  • Send session slides to all attendees

imageHave you had some time to check out the new & improved Power Automate Community Cookbook?! If not, you should head over there and experience the new format asap! (Seen in screenshot below) Some of the awesome new features we have added to the new and improved cookbook are:

  • A new "gallery like" feel with tiles and thumbnail images
  • Ability to sort recipes by category and/or top kudos & posting date
  • Required .zip file attachment for uploading your exported flows
  • Ability to add an optional instructional video to your recipe

Read the rest of the announcement here:


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