Posted by: kurtsh | December 13, 2019

INFO: Microsoft Intune & Cloud Storage “costs”

imageEver wonder how much cloud storage space costs for Microsoft Intune software distribution?

The short answer is:

  1. There’s no limit on the amount of storage; storage comes with the purchase of a Microsoft Intune license.
  2. There is a 8GB maximum file size limit on any individual desktop file uploaded.

Taken from the Microsoft Intune documentation:

All apps that you create by using the software installer installation type (for example, a line-of-business app) are packaged and uploaded to Intune cloud storage. A trial subscription of Intune includes 2 gigabytes (GB) of cloud-based storage that is used to store managed apps and updates. A full subscription does not limit the total amount of storage space.

For more information, read the following:


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