Posted by: kurtsh | December 9, 2019

PODCAST: Automated Machine Learning

imageAutomated Machine Learning empowers users of all skill sets to build and deploy models more efficiently and accurately, and it’s rooted in discoveries from Microsoft’s research labs.

Erez’s group is currently focused on AutoML, and if AutoML is something you’re interested in, this is the talk for you. In our conversation, Erez gives us a full breakdown of his AutoML philosophy, including how he defines “true AutoML” and his take on the AutoML space, its role and its importance. We also discuss in great detail the application of AutoML as a contributor to the end-to-end data science process, which Erez breaks down into 3 key areas; Featurization, Learner/Model Selection, and Tuning/Optimizing Hyperparameters. Finally, we discuss post-deployment AutoML use cases and other areas under the AutoML umbrella that are generating excitement.

Hear more in this episode of the TWIML Podcast episode:


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