Posted by: kurtsh | December 6, 2019

PREVIEW: Azure Active Directory Cloud Provisioning– for Mergers & Acquisitions

imageToday’s news is big: We’ve made it way easier to manage company acquisitions and mergers with the public preview of Azure AD Cloud Provisioning – Easily sync from multiple on-premise forests to one AAD Tenant!

From the announcement post:

Today we’ve got some amazingly cool news to share.

If you work in a large enterprise, you probably already know how big the challenges can be when your company makes an acquisition and you suddenly get asked to provide cloud identity services to an entirely new business group, usually one with their own set of Active Directory domains and forests.

If this is a challenge you face, I’m excited to let you know about the public preview of Azure AD Connect cloud provisioning!

With cloud provisioning, customers can easily provision identities from multiple disconnected AD forest to Azure AD. Azure AD Connect cloud provisioning moves the heavy lifting for provisioning from AD to Azure AD to the cloud with lightweight agents on-premises and provides the following benefits:

  • Helps with provisioning from disconnected AD forests to Azure AD—Organizations may have disconnected AD forests due to mergers and acquisitions or remote office locations. Whatever the reason may be, cloud provisioning allows you to quickly integrate these multiple disconnected AD forests into an Azure AD tenant.
  • Reduces on-premises footprint—The provisioning agent is a lightweight agent with the sync complexity (configuration and processing) in the cloud.
  • Enterprise grade high availability—Multiple provisioning agents can be deployed to ensure high availability for provisioning especially for password hash sync.

Read more from the announcement post here:


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