Posted by: kurtsh | November 20, 2019

WHITEPAPER: Benchmark Your Enterprise Cloud Adoption—a Forrester Research report


UPDATE 12/9/19:
Looks like, despite the Azure twitter account publicizing this report, Microsoft’s licensing of this report has expired.  If you still want it, it’s $499 and available at

Is your company leading or lagging in cloud adoption?

Transitioning to cloud computing has become a strategic requirement for companies to maintain their competitive edge. Read this report by Forrester Research to learn how your company’s cloud adoption priorities, concerns, and strategies compare to the broader market.

Download now to find out:

  • If your company is leading or lagging in cloud adoption compared to other enterprises.
  • How companies are addressing their security and compliance requirements.
  • How to start planning your cloud migration.
  • Trends in cloud computing platforms, including hybrid, multi-cloud, public, and private cloud environments.

Read the report from Forrester for more:


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