Posted by: kurtsh | October 29, 2019

DOWNLOAD: eBook, “Azure Active Directory Data Security Considerations”

imageThis document explains the following aspects of Azure Active Directory:

  • Azure AD Components: What are the different components of Azure AD. This will help you to understand the later sections of the document.
  • Core Data and Location: What customer data is used by Azure AD and where is it located.
  • Data Protection: How is the directory data protected at transit and at rest.
  • Data Flow: How data from various sources such as on premises directories and applications flows to and from Azure AD.
  • Data and Operations: What data and operational procedures are used by the Azure AD engineering team to manage the service.

The target audience of this document is enterprise security evaluators, identity, and access management (IAM) architects, policy makers and regulators, as well as customers with compliance requirements or regulated environments.


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