Posted by: kurtsh | October 24, 2019

INFO: Use Intune to enable Delivery Optimization for Office 365 installs

imageHopefully you’ve seen that we’re announced a preview of our new Office 365 ProPlus Delivery Optimization feature – which help to reduce network bandwidth usage when Office 365 ProPlus is updated… all without pre-staging the content in a local file share.

The question is:  How do you enable this feature Enterprise-wide?

Use Intune to enable Delivery Optimization for Office 365 installs
If you’ve got Intune, you’re in luck.  Michael Niehaus, Microsoft Deployment PM has written up a great post on how to use Intune to push a policy to the device that enables Delivery Optimization for your Office 365 ProPlus deployed clients.

He lays it out step by step. Smile

Read the post here:

Oliver Kieselbach on Twitter, however, made the comment however that you might have issues with the ADMX definition and if so, to download the ZIP file below:

If someone has issues with the ADMX definition… here a zip download to the ADMX file with correct formatting (the character set from the blog was wrong)


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