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NEWS: Microsoft announces what’s next in Surface, Windows & Office

Panos Panay, Microsoft Chief Product Officer, announced what’s coming next in Microsoft’s Surface family as well as Windows & Office. 

He sent a summary of the announcements to us at Microsoft that I thought I’d share some of:

imageToday we came together as a company in New York for an incredible event, sharing what’s next for Microsoft in Surface, Office, and Windows.

We announced new products lead by new silicon, new experiences, new platforms, and a new expression of Windows 10. Our company is evolving, and today was a big moment for Surface and Microsoft. As we came off the stage this morning all I could think about is how humbled and grateful I am to have had the support of so many across the company, both in creating the products and experiences we shared with the world today, and in making this event happen.  Thank you so much for the hard work that got us here, and your continued hard work to get these products and experiences into the hands of our customers.

In case you didn’t get to watch today’s announce, we’ve included a summary of what we shared below as well as an early look at what the press and our fans are saying about the line-up.

  • Surface Laptop 3
    • The new Surface Laptop 3 provides the perfect balance of power and elegance. Now twice as fast with the same slim design and all-day battery life and offering a choice between colors – Matte Black, Cobalt, Platinum, or the all new Sandstone, materials – fabric or all metal aluminum chassis, size – 13.5” and 15” displays, and silicon – Intel 10th generation processor in the 13.5” and the custom AMD Ryzen Surface Edition in the 15”.
  • Surface Pro 7
    • Surface Pro 7 has been redesigned from the inside out, now twice as fast with a new 10th generation Intel core processor, both USB-A and USB-C, and all-day battery. While Surface Pro 7 keeps the iconic design customers love and businesses rely on, it has more performance and amazing new experiences across Office.
  • Surface Pro X
    • Surface Pro X is about what’s next for the 2-1 category. At 5.33mm and 1.68 pounds with LTE advanced connectivity, pen storage and charging, and the thinnest bezels of any 2-1 ever created, it’s an incredibly thin, light, connected, and powerful product for our customers who want the most modern device.  The new Microsoft SQ1 processor co-designed with Qualcomm for Surface Pro X pushes 2 teraflops of graphics processing power, and 9 teraops of computational power, making it the fastest Qualcomm processor ever created for a PC. 
  • Surface Earbuds
    • Featuring an ultra-comfortable and stable fit, premium sound, and all-day battery-life, Surface Earbuds offer intuitive touch and voice controls for music, calls, and incredible integration with new Office features like transcription, translation, and slide control.
  • New accessories
    • We’re also announcing a range of accessories– from type covers, pens, and mice designed to work with our Surface products to a selection of accessories to help you be more productive from any PC. We built on decades of experience delivering workspace comfort with new Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard and mouse, and are adding  new sleek, affordable Bluetooth®  products including a keyboard and compact, colorful Bluetooth® mouse, as well as bringing new colors for our popular Arc Mouse.
  • New Office Features
    • New Office enhancements include transcription in Word for the web, inking capabilities in Excel that leverage the new Surface Slim Pen and ultra-portability of the Surface Pro X, gesture support in PowerPoint for the new Surface Earbuds and ink and voice comments in Word.
  • Surface Neo – Coming in 2020
    • Surface Neo is our new dual-screen device powered by a new expression of Windows – Windows 10X. It’s built for productivity and creativity from anywhere with a 360-degree full-friction hinge that connects two 9” screens, enabling Surface Neo to adapt to you with every posture you need.  When you open it up you have a full-size 13” display with the thinnest LCD in its class.
  • Windows 10 X – Coming in 2020
    • Windows has a long history of enabling productivity for people. To support Surface Neo, we are evolving Windows 10 with a new edition of the Windows product line – Windows 10X – to enable breakthrough dual-screen experiences. With Surface Neo the combination of hardware and software from across Microsoft empowers you to be productive from anywhere.
  • Surface Duo – Coming in 2020
    • Surface Duo is the first Surface to fit in your pocket. It brings together the best of Microsoft productivity experiences, Android mobile apps, and Surface hardware design into a single device you can take with you anywhere.  With two paper thin 5.6-inch screens that unfold to 8.3 inches and a 360 degree hinge enabling dual-screens and a variety of postures, along with the ability to make phone calls and texts, Surface Duo is the ultimate in mobile creation and productivity. 

We’ve seen incredible feedback already from press and fans about these products:

  • @JezCordenApple who? Samsung what? Microsoft crushed everyone today. #Surface
  • @SmashDawgOver 60 coax cables –each thinner than a human hair — connects the two screens on the Surface Neo — the coolest thing you’ve seen in computing in years.#SurfaceEvent
  • @RealTonyBradleyMicrosoft unveiled an array of innovative hardware at the Surface Event: Surface Laptop in 13” and 15”, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X, Surface Earbuds, and the future of the Surface line—Surface Neo and Surface Duo.
  • @briantongWhat @Microsoft brought to the table today just moved us, competitors and the entire industry forward. LOVE IT. Can’t wait to get my hands on this stuff!#MicrosoftEvent @surface #Surface #SurfaceNeo #SurfaceDuo
  • @JoannaSternMost exciting Microsoft event I’ve been to since the original Surface event in Los Angeles. A dual screen Windows tablet, the Surface Neo. A dual screen phone, the Surface Duo.

These products are the culmination of incredible partnerships across Microsoft. It’s been an amazing experience seeing so many teams come together to make this launch a reality. The innovation in form and function, the joining of software and hardware experiences, and the focus of putting people at the center of our products is all thanks to the hard work of people across the company. 

I truly believe that products are a reflection of the people who make them and the people who use them.  Each of the products we announced today is a reflection of the passion, dedication, and care of so many. THANK YOU…product-making takes a village, and Microsoft is a great one.


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