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RELEASE: Surface Dock Firmware Update tool for v1.42

UPDATE 10/4/19:
A comment was posted on the original announcement page that’s worthy of highlighting.  Note that for consumers, they noted that this firmware update will eventually get pushed out via Windows Update so it’s not that necessary that individual users apply the patch manually – unless of course it addresses an issue you need:

I’m re-posting @Mendioroz ‘s helpful information with correct formatting to make it a little easier to read for everyone:

  • The firmware (MSI) is only installable on Windows 10 1803 and beyond (any edition).
  • In Windows 10 S mode, the previous tool didn’t work and it this one won’t since it’s a MSI package (no executables were able to run).
  • If a Dock is updated with the MSI package, and then another Dock is connected to the same Surface device, in Registry Editor will show the information from the last Dock connected.
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WUDF\Services\SurfaceDockFwUpdate\Parameters
  • If the Dock was updated with the Surface Dock Updater Tool before, there’s no need to install the MSI since there’s no changes on the “MSI firmware update”.
  • It is planned to release this update through Windows Update (no expected time).

I will also confirm that nothing appears in the Start menu when you install this new update and that it silently performs the update in the background when you connect a Surface Hub.


Just released… an MSI for updating the Surface Dock firmware to version “1.42”.  (This supersedes the previous version “2.2” which had a legacy versioning system.)

imageThe latest firmware for Surface Dock now runs automatically in the background and simplifies the process of keeping your Surface Dock up to date. For full details, refer to Microsoft Surface Dock Firmware Update.

The tool comes packaged as a separate .MSI file in Surface Tools for IT. Simply download and install the tool on your Surface device to automatically update your Surface dock.  And of course, the Windows Installer .MSI file can be deployed remotetly across multiple Surface devices.

It supersedes the earlier Surface Dock Updater tool, which has been retired, is no longer available for download, and should not be used.

Surface Dock includes two high-definition video ports, a gigabit Ethernet port, four USB 3.0 ports, and an audio output, enabling users to transform their Surface device into a desktop PC.

View the original post here, along with the Q&A in the comments:


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