Posted by: kurtsh | September 9, 2019

INFO: MDOP Tools get new “extended support date”

imageMost of the MDOP tools now have an end of life date of April 14, 2026.  They were previously supposed to be end-of-lifed in 2021 but the date has been pushed out.  Note: The one exception to this is MED-V, which will continue to have an EOL date of April 13, 2021.

Taken from the announcement:

To simplify planning for IT, we have standardized the support lifecycle for the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) and are announcing a single end of support date for all the tools in the MDOP portfolio*. The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack is a suite of products that help to improve compatibility, simplify device management, reduce support costs, improve asset management, and improve policy control. Available as a subscription for Software Assurance customers, Windows Enterprise E3/E5 customers, and Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3/E5 customers.


For more information and detail, please read the announcement here:


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