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EVENT: “WSLconf’” – Windows Subsystem for Linux – Redmond, WA, March 10-11,2010


WSLconf is a community-organized event from the founder of Pengwin on all things Windows Subsystem for Linux and WSL-related. Two days of hands-on workshops, hackathons, presentations, and networking events for developers on WSL.

WSLconf 1 is being held on the campus of Microsoft Headquarters.

Featuring Presentations By

  • The creators of Pengwin
  • The WSL Team at Microsoft
  • The Ubuntu on WSL Team at Canonical

March 10-11, 2020

Microsoft Reactor
Building 20
Microsoft Main Campus
3709 NE 39th Street
Redmond, WA

The event will be FREE.

Registration has not begun yet.  Sign up for official updates here:

(<ks> The Reactor is not huge so if you want to attend this, I strongly suggest signing up for updates & registering as soon as possible.  It’s gonna fill quickly.)


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