Posted by: kurtsh | July 29, 2019

EVENT: Q&A with Windows 10 & Office 365 Deployment PM, Michael Niehaus

imageMichael Niehaus, Microsoft Principal Program Manager for Autopilot & Deployment, announced at his blog that he’s going to be doing a public Teams meeting to answer questions about pretty much anything.

If you know who Michael is, you know he’s the preeminent authority on Windows 10 & Office 365 ProPlus deployment & servicing & the primary speaker on these topics at Microsoft Ignite & similar conferences.  If you’ve ever had a Win10/O365ProPlus question that needed answering, this is a great opportunity to ask “the source”.

One of the things that I’ve wanted to do for a while is to have an open Q&A call – you know, the typical “office hours” concept from your college days, where someone says they’ll be available during certain times for any questions you might have.  In my case, I’m not an instructor, and true to the domain name of this site I fully expect to do this from “out of the office” – with any luck, I’ll be sitting at home in my recliner, contemplating what I might want for breakfast before heading into the office.

To cover a broad range of time zones, I’ve picked 8am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), on Thursday, August 1st.  Here are the connection details:

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Conference ID: 330 973 15#

Local numbers

Using the Teams client (locally installed or via the web) is preferred, just in case there is any screen sharing needed, but feel free to call in if that’s easier.

If no one shows up, I’ll chalk this up as a failed experiment and go back to my breakfast.  Otherwise, I’ll look at doing this once a month.

For those with doubts about the time zone math, the zip file below contains an ICS file that you can import to your favorite e-mail client (e.g. Outlook):


Details below:


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