Posted by: kurtsh | June 18, 2019

INFO: Getting 36 months of free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

I read this article with a bit of incredulity:

imageXbox Game Pass is normally $14.99/mo but the process described claimed to upgrade the ENTIRE existing subscription term of a user’s “Xbox Live Gold” to “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” for just  $1.

In other words, if you have a subscription of 36 months of pre-paid “Xbox Live Gold” – this would convert it ALL to Xbox Game Pass for $1.

To be clear, this would be a massive savings.  Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is normally $14.99/mo or $540/3yrs.  For a massive savings of $360.

It’s simple.

  1. Sign into your Microsoft account at
  2. Click on Services & Subscriptions in the menu bar. (May be hidden in a drop down list in the menu)
  3. Verify that you have as much “Xbox Live Gold” subscription credit as possible.  Try to purchase as close to 3 years as you can since that credit is what will be provided a free upgrade to “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate”.
  4. Click “Upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” for $1.

When you do this, you will eventually see this dialog box below explaining the offer to automatically upgrade whatever Xbox Live gold credit you have in the bank.  Note: The offer dialog only gets displayed if you proceed with the subscription “upgrade” with an existing Xbox Live Gold subscription:


I have no idea how long this offer is going to be exist so y’might want to get on it.  This is literally a giveaway for anyone that has an existing Xbox Live Gold subscription.

This is a little more difficult.  If you have a child that needs to get their Xbox Live Gold subscription upgraded through this deal to “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate”, you can’t do it from their account if they are prevented from making purchases.

If you attempt to do so, you’ll be greeted by a dialog box that says that the child can’t upgrade the subscription and that a request can’t be sent to the parent.

In order to execute the upgrade for the child account, the parent needs to do the following:

  1. Log in to your Account and click “View your Family”
  2. Click the “Content Restrictions” menu item:
  3. From there, they will be able to go to “Needs adult approval to buy things” and flip the switch to temporarily permit purchases by the child account.

  4. image

  5. Use an InPrivate/Incognito session in another browser window to go to and log in as the child account.
    Follow the upgrade process.


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