Posted by: kurtsh | June 3, 2019

HOWTO: Enable “Tighter Spacing” in Outlook


I woke up this morning to look at my computer and apparently we updated Outlook in Office 365.  As part of that update, we added some rather liberal spacing between the view of Message List items.

I’m not even gonna sugarcoat this:  This is really annoying to me.  Like many of you, I like maximum use of my screen real estate and "creating more separation between message list items is ANNOYING.

imageHere’s how to disable it:

  1. Click “View” in the menu. 
    Find the “Layout” category in the ribbon and you’ll see an new button there called “Use Tighter Spacing”.
  2. Click “Use Tighter Spacing” and it’ll revert back to the way it was.

Crisis averted.


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