Posted by: kurtsh | February 18, 2019

NEWS: Microsoft MyAnalytics added to Microsoft 365 E3 & Office 365 E1/E3

imagePreviously only available in Microsoft 365 E5 & Office 365 E5, “Microsoft MyAnalytics” has been added as a component to Microsoft 365 E3 & Office 365 E1/E3

Microsoft MyAnalytics delivers “People Analytics” & summarizes how you spend your time at work, then suggests ways to work smarter—from cutting unproductive meeting time to reducing time spent working after hours. It even uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you stay on top of your to-dos by flagging commitments you’ve made in email.

MyAnalytics information surfaces information to the end user through 3 features:

  • personal dashboard
  • Outlook add-in
  • weekly emails

The availability of MyAnalytics is as follows:

With today’s updates, MyAnalytics features will be available for Microsoft 365 E3, Business, and Office 365 E3, E1, Business Premium, and Business Essentials plans. MyAnalytics functionality will roll out in phases, beginning with the Outlook add-in. Beginning February 12, 2019, MyAnalytics licenses will be assigned and activated; however, users will not be able to see any MyAnalytics functionality. The add-in functionality will begin rolling out on March 12, 2019.

To read the full announcement, visit:


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