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RELEASE: NEW Modern “Home Use Program” for Office 365 E3/E5 subscribers

imageCustomers with 2000+ Office 365 E3/E5 licenses are now eligible for a new “Home Use Program” that delivers a 30% annual discount off ERP for a subscription license of:

    • Office 365 Home – USD$69.99 (ERP USD$99.99, available starting 10/30/2018)
    • Office 365 Personal – USD$48.99 (ERP USD$69.99, available starting 10/30/2018

Company Eligibility:

  • Current Customers who have Software Assurance benefits with Microsoft.  For more information on the Software Assurance Program go here.
  • Commercial and Government Customers who have purchased ≥ 2,000 licenses of O365 E3/E5 and/or M365 E3/E5
  • Education and Non-profit Customers who have purchased ≥ 13,000 licenses of O365 Education A3/A5 and O365/M365 E3/E5
  • Unlimited – all employees under the qualifying tenant will be eligible to purchase discounted O365 Home or O365 Personal through the Home Use Program.

Employees eligibility:

  • Be an active employee of an organization that is eligible for Home Use Program
  • Have an email address with a domain that has been approved by the company’s IT Administrator
  • Purchase with an active Microsoft Account (MSA)

Implementation & Next Steps:
Clients of mine that are interested in the following information can reach out to me for details around:

  • How do IT Admins access this offer and inform employees of the program?
  • Where do IT administrators go to manage their Microsoft Home Use Program benefits?
  • What do IT administrators need to do to allow employees to use the Microsoft Home Use Program offer?

To read the initial announcement, visit:


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