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RELEASE: NEW Modern “Home Use Program” for Office 365 E3/E5 subscribers

imageUPDATE 2/4/19:
The rollout of the new Modern HUP has been staggered.  It was released to some countries in November 2018, with others coming later.  The US is slated to have the program launched sometime in Q1.

Customers with 2000+ Office 365 E3/E5 licenses are now eligible for a new “Home Use Program” that delivers a 30% annual discount off ERP for a subscription license of:

    • Office 365 Home – USD$69.99 (ERP USD$99.99, available starting 10/30/2018)
    • Office 365 Personal – USD$48.99 (ERP USD$69.99, available starting 10/30/2018

Company Eligibility:

  • Current Customers who have Software Assurance benefits with Microsoft.  For more information on the Software Assurance Program go here.
  • Commercial and Government Customers who have purchased ≥ 2,000 licenses of O365 E3/E5 and/or M365 E3/E5
  • Education and Non-profit Customers who have purchased ≥ 13,000 licenses of O365 Education A3/A5 and O365/M365 E3/E5
  • Unlimited – all employees under the qualifying tenant will be eligible to purchase discounted O365 Home or O365 Personal through the Home Use Program.

Employees eligibility:

  • Be an active employee of an organization that is eligible for Home Use Program
  • Have an email address with a domain that has been approved by the company’s IT Administrator
  • Purchase with an active Microsoft Account (MSA)

Implementation & Next Steps:
Clients of mine that are interested in the following information can reach out to me for details around:

  • How do IT Admins access this offer and inform employees of the program?
  • Where do IT administrators go to manage their Microsoft Home Use Program benefits?
  • What do IT administrators need to do to allow employees to use the Microsoft Home Use Program offer?

To read the initial announcement, visit:


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