Posted by: kurtsh | November 27, 2018

DOWNLOAD: “Fast Data Transfer” – a high-speed data loader for Azure

We released a tool a few months ago via “The Garage” that I was recently made aware of called “Fast Data Transfer” for customers looking for a tool to accelerate the uploading of large amounts of data.

imageFast Data Transfer is a tool for fast upload of data into Azure – up to 4 terabytes per hour from a single client machine. It moves data from your premises to Blob Storage, to a clustered file system, or direct to an Azure VM. It can also move data between Azure regions.

The tool works by maximizing utilization of the network link. It efficiently uses all available bandwidth, even over long-distance links. On a 10 Gbps link, it reaches around 4 TB per hour, which makes it about 3 to 10 times faster than competing tools we’ve tested. On slower links, Fast Data Transfer typically achieves over 90% of the link’s theoretical maximum, while other tools may achieve substantially less.

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