Posted by: kurtsh | November 15, 2018

TRAINING: BlueHat v18 Security Conference content now available

The goal of the BlueHat Security Conference is to educate both external security researchers and partners, as well as Microsoft engineers and executives, on current and emerging security threats, to help them address security issues in Microsoft products and services, and to protect our customers. BlueHat is a unique opportunity for Microsoft engineers and the security community to come together learn about the current threat landscape and challenge the thinking and actions we do in security. BlueHat is open to all Microsoft full time employees and a limited number of invite-only external attendees from the security community.

Taken from the Microsoft BlueHat blog:

imageLast month we wrapped up another great BlueHat event. As an organizer, it is great to hear that the content is so strong that we have participants have to make hard choices on what to attend. BlueHat is about the community we build and the experiences we share. To further support that we are making slides and videos of presentations available publicly.

For the general audience portion of the conference, the slides can be found here: The video recordings of the sessions are being uploaded over the next six weeks to our YouTube channel. You can see the latest content in our BlueHat v18 playlist here:

With this first upload of video content, we are excited to share with you the Keynote address, On the Frontier track, and Mitigating Attack Classes track.

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