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BETA: Windows Virtual Desktop

During Microsoft Ignite 2018, we announced the coming preview of Windows Virtual Desktop”.

This is an new end-to-end cloud-based desktop solution that is orchestrated through Microsoft Azure.

Windows Virtual Desktop creates scalable Windows 10 or Windows 7 desktop experiences in the cloud.

  • Administrators set up the desktop space from Azure Marketplace “Windows Virtual Desktop” (Not available yet – until public preview)


Creating a Windows Virtual Desktop deployment from the Azure Portal

  • Delivers a “full desktop experience” or “collections of apps” or “one specific app”
    • WVD app delivery can be initiated on local desktops & “appear” to be local apps in the Start menu
    • Supports copy & paste to the app from the local desktop, as well as save/open local files & local printers
  • Supports “VDI VM-based desktops” or ‘session-based desktops” – all in one
    • Session-based i.e. Remote Desktop experience is WINDOWS 10 – not Windows Server. [Exclusive to WVD]
  • Supports persistent or non-persistent desktops
  • Supports custom VM images or gallery-based templates
  • Support Office 365 applications in a multi-user environment (i.e. all the stuff that is hard or impossible to implement or manage)
    • Outlook
    • OneDrive
  • Supports every VM type in the Azure Gallery available in the region selected


Windows Virtual Desktops can be implemented on an VM type/SKU available in the selected region

  • Supports optimizing for performance or for cost efficacy:
    • breadth mode for performance (spread new VMs/sessions across all hosts)
    • depth mode to optimize for costs (use one host to capacity before using another)
  • Support Azure Active Directory
    • Automated domain join
    • Multifactor authentication
    • Conditional Access


Multifactor Authentication is supported in tandem with Conditional Access for Windows Virtual Desktops

  • Licensing: (any of the following)
    • M365 E3/E5
    • M365 Business/F1
    • Windows E3/E5

I’ve aggregated everything I’ve got around Windows Virtual Desktop into a single location – PowerPoints, documents, and references at the following share:


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