Posted by: kurtsh | August 24, 2018

HOWTO: Disable “Did you mean to switch apps?” dialog for joining Microsoft Teams meetings when using Edge

imageIf you’re a Microsoft Edge user and you’ve ever seen the “Did you mean to switch apps?” dialog box to the right while joining a Microsoft Teams meeting, you know that clicking “YES” for every single Teams meeting you want to join gets a little tedious.

This is how to disable the “Did you mean to switch apps?” dialog box for any future Microsoft Teams meetings that you want to join:

  1. Open Internet Explorer (Click START and type “Internet Explorer” and hit ENTER)
  2. Copy the Teams URL from one of your Teams meeting into the Address field of Internet Explorer and hit ENTER. You can copy this URL from an appointment will look something like the URL below. A dialog box will appear.

  3. Uncheck the box labeled, “Always ask before opening this type of address”.
  4. Click the “Allow” button.

That’s it.  From now on, all Teams meeting links that you click will bypass the “Did you mean to switch apps?” dialog box and take you straight into the Teams application for your meeting.


(Hat tip to TechSpeeder to for the original general guidance for this solution)


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