Posted by: kurtsh | July 23, 2018

INFO: Using Azure Cognitive Services with Microsoft Flow… AI without writing a single line of code!

imageDid you know that you can leverage Azure Cognitive Services without writing a single line of code?

Microsoft Flow has dozens of GUI-based templates for common tasks. Just add your subscription keys, connect your accounts, and go!

Microsoft Flow is a codeless automation environment that enables end users to orchestrate multi-step workflows that allow them to execute repetitive tasks or trigger automated processes.

And anyone is licensed to use Microsoft Flow via the “Free” version – especially if they have Office 365 subscriptions for its employees, in which case they have “Flow for Office 365”. (

Cognitive Services includes things like text analytics that can scan text content for “whether a Tweet is positive or negative” or “whether a person is happy or sad”.  These can act as triggers for other actions that Flow can automate.

Here’s some Microsoft Flows using:

…and there are Connectors to use the Bot Service, QnA Maker Service, Custom Vision API, and more!

For a brief tutorial on how to use Microsoft Flow & how to incorporate Cognitive Services:


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