Posted by: kurtsh | July 10, 2018

INFO: Screen sharing over Skype Meeting Broadcast

imageRecently, there’s been a surge in the number of people learning Skype Meeting Broadcast in Southern California.  A lot of it seems to originate from certain other solutions not doing very well when it comes to global reliability or scalability – both of which Skype Meeting Broadcast does very well.  Skype Meeting Broadcast is very reliable – and available to every Office 365 E3+ subscriber.

One thing Skype Meeting Broadcast doesn’t do very well – or at all for that matter – is broadcast screen sharing.  Skype Meeting Broadcast will broadcast a video source and also a PowerPoint presentation… but if you need to share a desktop screen for the purposes of a demo during a broadcast, Skype Meeting Broadcast doesn’t inherently deliver that capability.

imageFortunately Sonia Cuff found a relatively simple workaround for this, using a popular software tool called XSplit Broadcaster that simulates a virtual video camera with the video source being the desktop screen.

Read about this solution here in Sonia’s article on REgarding 365:


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