Posted by: kurtsh | July 10, 2018

BLOG: “Who creates a new team in Microsoft Teams – End user or IT?”

There’s a fascinating post written on “The Art of the Possible” blog around the topic of whether or not IT permits end users to create their own Microsoft Teams sites.

Here’s the intro:

imageAre you here looking for an answer to the question in the tile? If you are Microsoft partner helping our customer implement Teams or our customer in the process of implementing Teams, then it is likely this topic is being discussed. Almost every customer I work with asks me what other customers are doing about Teams provisioning? Are others allowing end users to create a new Team as and when they need or is there a review and approval process?

Few years back, this question was not even asked in large enterprises. In recent years, organizations have developed processes for provisioning SharePoint sites and file shares. This process usually included request from end user, followed by review and approval by IT prior to provisioning an additional content store. Then why this question now? What has changed that has prompted IT to even consider if end users should be allowed to create a new Team without any review and approval?

To understand this, lets understand why organizations have a process in place for provisioning:

Read more at the blog post:

There’s an interesting debate between end users & IT pros orchestrated by the blog authors, BTW, that goes over this exact topic:


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