Posted by: kurtsh | June 5, 2018

NEWS: More on why Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub makes sense

imageIf you’re wondering why Microsoft needed GitHub & why GitHub needed Microsoft, there’s several reasons, but at the core of it is the fact that putting GitHub together with the power of Microsoft Azure is a 1+1=3.

Every GitHub developer has to download, compile, test, edit & post their code to the service. Doing all of this locally on one’s own development system is a waste of productivity when you can:

  • keep code in GitHub
  • compile code in the cloud
  • orchestrate the creation of test environments (VMs & cloud services) – entirely in the cloud
  • access rentable devices like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, etc. with different OS revisions for test use in the cloud (Xamarin Test Cloud)
  • test one’s code in the cloud
  • edit code in the cloud
  • lather rinse repeat – all online
  • save revisions in GitHub

GitHub gets direct access to the world’s largest, most powerful cloud & Microsoft gets more potential users of Microsoft Azure. 

…GitHub+Microsoft means more productive developers.

For more resources around this acquisition, check out the following link:

Here are some great articles explaining why this acquisition is important:


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