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EVENT: “Microsoft Emerging Tech Virtual Summit: AI Unlocked" – Online – June 27, 2018


Join us Wednesday, June 27 for the Emerging Tech Virtual Summit: AI Unlocked, streaming live.

A revolution is coming, one that will overcome challenges we can only imagine, powered by technology we won’t even see. The next generation of life-changing technologies goes far beyond keyboards, screens, smartphones, cameras, watches, and hard drives.

If you want to be part of the next-gen digital revolution, this is the event to attend! Join us live online to hear from industry thought leaders as they explore what’s possible.

Norm Judah
Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Digital, Services and Success

Join Norm, our keynote speaker, for a "state of the union" on the AI landscape: where the technology is at today, where it’s headed in the future, and how it’s proving its value in the workplace.

Robbee Minicola
Global Lead, Wunderman AI

Hear from Robbee, an expert in the convergence of media and technology, as she explains the fundamentals of AI. Get grounded on the concepts of BI, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and explore the possibilities of how these technologies could revolutionize the way you do business.

We’ll also take you on a journey of exploration across several aspects of AI, including:

  • The exploding world of AI: Insights and trends
  • How companies are leveraging AI to transform their businesses
  • How to responsibly build AI systems with an ethical foundation

The future is waiting—and you can help create it. Save the date for the Emerging Tech Virtual Summit: AI Unlocked, a can’t-miss streaming event, and follow #MSFTEmergingTech on Twitter to join the conversation before, during, and after this insightful event.

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