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INFO: “Windows Analytics” – Complimentary Cloud Services for Windows 10 Pro & Enterprise PCs

How valuable would it be to know how close you are to having your PCs patched to a certain compliance threshold?

Wouldn’t it be great to proactively know which PCs are crashing due to hardware failures?

What if you could be told what device drivers are causing crashes the most in your organization?

imageWelcome to the world of Windows Analytics.  It’s a suite of great services for upgrading, managing, & monitoring Windows 10 PCs that include:

  • Upgrade Readiness
  • Update Compliance
  • Device Health

How much is it?

Before we begin, let’s get this out of the way: You probably already have the rights to use it. 

  • Windows Analytics “Upgrade Readiness” and “Update Compliance” services don’t cost anything to use if you are using Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise.  Again, there is no cost – not even for the (required) usage of Microsoft Operations Management Suite & it’s accompanied cloud storage.
  • Windows Analytics “Device Health” requires that the managed devices be licensed for Windows 10 Enterprise.

What is Windows Analytics?

Windows Analytics are a set of cloud services that Windows 10 administrators can use for Professional & Enterprise systems. They leverage Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) to provide you with extensive data about the state of devices in your deployment. There are currently three solutions which you can use singly or in any combination:

Device Health

Device Health provides the following:

  • imageIdentification of devices that crash frequently, and therefore might need to be rebuilt or replaced
  • Identification of device drivers that are causing device crashes, with suggestions of alternative versions of those drivers that might reduce the number of crashes
  • Notification of Windows Information Protection misconfigurations that send prompts to end users

Update Compliance

Update Compliance shows you the state of your devices with respect to the Windows updates so that you can ensure that they are on the most current updates as appropriate. In addition, Update Compliance provides the following:

  • imageDedicated drill-downs for devices that might need attention
  • An inventory of devices, including the version of Windows they are running and their update status
  • The ability to track protection and threat status for Windows Defender Antivirus-enabled devices
  • An overview of Windows Update for Business deferral configurations (Windows 10, version 1607 and later)
  • Powerful built-in log analytics to create useful custom queries
  • Cloud-connected access utilizing Windows 10 diagnostic data means no need for new complex, customized infrastructure

Upgrade Readiness

Upgrade Readiness offers a set of tools to plan and manage the upgrade process end to end, allowing you to adopt new Windows releases more quickly. With new Windows versions being released multiple times a year, ensuring application and driver compatibility on an ongoing basis is key to adopting new Windows versions as they are released. Upgrade Readiness not only supports upgrade management from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, but also Windows 10 upgrades in the Windows as a Service model.

Use Upgrade Readiness to get:

  • imageA visual workflow that guides you from pilot to production
  • Detailed computer and application inventory
  • Powerful computer-level search and drill-downs
  • Guidance and insights into application and driver compatibility issues, with suggested fixes
  • Data-driven application rationalization tools
  • Application usage information, allowing targeted validation; workflow to track validation progress and decisions
  • Data export to commonly used software deployment tools, including System Center Configuration Manager

To get started with any of these solutions, visit the links for instructions to add it to OMS.

For more information on Windows Analytics, visit the following:

Microsoft Ignite 2017 Sessions:
We had several sessions on Windows Analytics at Microsoft Ignite conference last year.  Here’s a few of them:


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