Posted by: kurtsh | March 14, 2018

INFO: Microsoft Planner “Ask Microsoft Anything” – March 14, 9-10AM PST (Written record)

imageIn case you missed it, the Microsoft Planner “Ask Microsoft Anything” online event took place this morning from 9-10AM and the record of all questions asked and answered are available online for folks to review.

Here’s a summary of some of the questions:

  • Do you guys have an updated roadmap?
  • Is there is anyway (or on Roadmap) to restore a “plan” from specific time like a snapshot?
  • Why is there no option to search for tasks?  Priorities for tasks?
  • Great to see the Planner web part in SharePoint. What enhancements does the Planner team have lined up?
  • Will Planner be implementing a ‘copy plan’, or ‘template plan’ feature soon, as discussed in the boards?
  • Is there a way to receive notifications when a task is complete via email if I’m the one who created it?

View the AMA written record here:


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