Posted by: kurtsh | January 27, 2018

INFO: Windows 10 Delivery Optimization Policies

The most recent release of Windows 10 (1703) brings with it several key new policies to control the Windows Delivery Optimization (DO) service.

<taken from blog post “Latest Windows 10 Delivery Optimization Policies (17063)” from 2Pint Software>

DO is the Windows 10 download, caching and Peer-to-Peer technology that is responsible for handling Windows Store and Windows Update downloads. As announces at MS Ignite – it will eventually handle InTune, Office 365 and ConfigMgr content too. Think of it as the new BranchCache and BITS rolled into one.

As we all know – getting the Peer-to-Peer story right is a tricky one, and the existing DO Policies in Windows 10 only go some way to providing the options and granularity of control that’s required by Enterprise customers in order to cater for every possible scenario out there. This release provides a whole host of new stuff that gives you fantastic options in controlling and tuning DO for any occasion. Here’s the rundown of the new stuff…

Read about all the switches & policy fields you can set to provide a more optimized solution to maintain Windows 10.

Here are the official documentation articles about these configuration settings:


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